Stripping Motorcycle For Engine Repair

Use the following procedure to strip the motorcycle for either cylinder head and cylinder removal for repair with engine in chassis, or for engine removal for complete overhaul.

1. To remove instrument cover take out mounting base center screw and pry off cover side plate located at trip mileage set screw.

2. Release seat clevis" spring, pull clevis pin and tip seat forward.

3. Disconnect fuel lines and interconnecting line from tanks, and drain-into a proper container. Gasoline may be pumped out through tank filler opening before disconnecting pipes.

4. Remove upper and lower bolts at the front and the two stud nuts between the gasoline tanks at the rear. Remove tanks. On tank attached hand shift models, remove shift lever bottom bolts so shift lever may be removed with left tank.

5. Remove cylinder head bracket. Note washers between bracket and frame lug, use same washer when bracket is assembled.

6. Remove spark plugs to avoid damaging. Disconnect ground wire at battery.

7. On 1964 and earlier models, turn out center screw and remove horn power pack cover. Disconnect two wires from horn power pack. Remove two bolts mounting horn power pack to bracket. Loosen horn trumpet nut and turn horn power pack off trumpet.

Remove carburetor intake manifold clamps.

8. Remove air cleaner cover, filter element, four bolts, lock washers and air cleaner back plate from carburetor body.

9. Disconnect throttle and choke controls from carburetor. Disconnect fuel and vent lines. Disconnect carburetor support bracket and remove carburetor.

10. On 1964 and earlier models, remove horn trumpet mounting bolt and horn trumpet. Disconnect exhaust pipes from cylinder head ports. Remove regulator mounting screws and move regulator away. It is not necessary to disconnect wires from regulator.

At this stage, the cylinder heads and cylinders may be removed.

To remove engine crankcase or complete engine, continue stripping motorcycle as follows:

11. Remove left footrest and chain guard cover. If motorcycle is equipped with compensating sprocket, use Compensating Sprocket Shaft Nut Wrench, Part No. 94557-55, to remove compensating sprocket shaft nut. If not equipped with compensating sprocket, use 1-3/8 inch socket or box wrench to remove nut. Loosen nut by striking wrench handle several sharp blows with hammer.

On 1965 and later models, remove chain adjuster mounting bolt and large brass starter shaft thrust washer.

Remove push rod adjusting screw lock nut (nut on center screw on clutch sprocket), slip washer (any metal washer about 1-3/4 in. in diameter with 3/8 in. hole) over push rod adjusting screw and replace lock nut. Remove three spring tension adjusting nuts and pull clutch outer disc and spring collar assembly off clutch drive hub pins. Move clutch sprocket and motor sprocket out and remove from shafts.

12. Remove three bolts, attaching chain cover at engine sprocket shaft.

On 1965 and later models, loosen the 5 transmission base mounting nuts. Remove the 4 inner chain guard to transmission attaching bolts. Remove clutch hub using Clutch Hub Nut Wrench Part No. 94645-41 and Clutch Hub Puller, Part No. 95960-41A. Remove shaft key. Remove the 2 inner chain guard stud nuts which attach to starter housing. Remove wire from solenoid. Pull inner chain guard from mainshaft using Puller Part No. 95960-41A which has 4 screws to fit tapped holes in chain housing. Remove chain oiler hose at oil pump. Remove other hoses from connections at back of chain housing.

13. Disconnect timer wire at coil. Disconnect wires from generator. Disconnect wire from oil pressure switch.

15. Drain oil tank and remove oil lines from oil pump. On 1965 and later models, remove crankcase breather pipe.

16. Remove footboard rear stud nut from inside of frame member and front footboard mounting stud bolts from brake master cylinder by removing nut and lock washer on back side. Remove brake master cylinder attaching stud bolt which passes through master cylinder and frame with a lock washer and nut on back side of frame member. Remove brake master cylinder sideplate bolt located behind master cylinder plunger boot. Master cylinder and sideplate assembly is free to swing down away from engine crankcase.

17. Remove exhaust system.

19. On 1964 and earlier models, remove spark advance control wire at circuit breaker. Remove two rear screws from horn trumpet bracket and slip out spark advance control wire.

20. Remove two front and two rear engine mounting bolts. Engine is now completely stripped and may be removed from right side of motorcycle.

Assembly is essentially the reverse order of disassembly.

On 1965 and later models, Loc-Tite "Grade A" should be applied to transmission shaft ball bearing recess in chain housing and on shaft. Pack ball race with grease after housing is tapped in place. Apply aluminum paint to joining surface of chain housing and engine-transmission, also use new cover gasket when reassembling.

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