pull-in coil 3

mold-in coil 6-a.

contactor plate-

Figure 5C-1F. Test Circuit for Electra-Glide, 1967 Sportster and 1966 Servi-car Solenoid

Figure 5C-1G. Solenoid Internal Wiring Diagram -Electra-Glide, 1967 Sportster and 1966 Servi-car starter relay switch

Starter relay switch for late 1967 Electra-Glide models is a sealed unit and is not repairable. If test shows unit to be defective it must be replaced.

Figure 5C-1E shows a test circuit using a 12-volt battery and stop lamp bulb. Contacts should close and bulb should light when connection is made at positive post of battery and should go out when connection is broken.

stop lamp front brake switch

This is a mechanical, normally-closed plunger type switch which closes the stoplight circuit when the front brake hand lever is operated. Repair parts for the switch are not available - it must be replaced as a. unit.

stop lamp rear brake switch

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