Throttle Body

After the carburetor has been in service for some time, the interior of the throttle barrel, idle port holes at the closed disc edge and idle or low-speed needle passages may accumulate a "crust" which will interfere with the idling and "off idling" characteristics. Clean the body and parts in "Gunk Hydro-Seal." If the throttle shaft (13) shows considerable wear (over .002 in. at the bearings), replace with new shaft.

Clean out the idle port holes located next to the disc (closed position) in the throttle body. Use the exact drill size specified below for the particular carburetor being worked on, being extremely careful not to increase the original hole size.

Model (Marked on Carburetor)

Drill Sizes

DC-1, IL, 1M, 10 DC-2

70 (.028) 56 (.0465

The idle passage holes are the same for all DC carburetors and may be cleaned and checked as follows:

The idle or low-speed needle hole in which the needle seats is .043 in. diameter (#57 drill). This hole meets the angular hole inside the throttle barrel. The angular hole drill size is .0635 in. diameter (#52 drill).

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