Clean and dry all parts and inspect for wear. If excessive sideplay is present, one or more bearing adjusting shims (7) must be added. Thrust bearing sleeve (9) must be free with thrust bearing outer cover (3) ^completely screwed down. A clearance of .005 in. to .007 in. is correct. Leave cork grease retainer (4) out of thrust assembly while determining correct adjustment of thrust sleeve, and reinstall it when adjustment is completed.

Excessive radial (up and down) play in wheel hub bearings can be taken up by fitting oversize rollers (11 and 20). Bearing rollers are available from .001 in. undersize to .001 in. oversize in steps of .0002 in. Select roller size that will give .001 in. to .0015 in. clearance.


Assemble hub components in reverse, order of disassembly. Closed sides of roller bearing retainers (12 and 21) go toward center of hub. Be sure to include a plain washer (25) under grease fitting (24) in thrust bearing housing (5). Failure to do so will cause end of fitting to crimp adjusting shims (7).

Apply a thin coating of "Grease-All" grease to rollers, races and thrust washers. After final assembly, inject 1 ounce additional grease into hub. Carefully check hub to avoid a bearing fit too tight. Roller bearings must turn freely and have slight play. Do not over-lubricate hub. An over-lubricated hub will throw grease that may get into brake assembly.

1. Thrust bearing cover screw (5)

2. Thrust bearing cover screw lock washer (5)

3. Thrust bearing outer cover

4. Cork grease retainer

5. Thrust bearing housing

6. Thrust bearing housing gasket

7. Thrust bearing adjusting shim

9. Thrust bearing sleeve

10. Thrust washer (see item 8)

11. Bearing roller (12)

12. Roller retainer

13. Roller retainer thrust washer

14. Roller bearing spring lock ring (2) (see item 18)

15. Retaining washer

16. Hub Inner sleeve

17. Cork grease retainer

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly

18. Roller bearing spring lock ring (see item 14)

19. Roller bearing washer

20. Bearing roller (14)

21. Roller retainer

22. Hub shell

23. Grease fitting (2)

24. Grease fitting (see item 23)

25. Plain washer

26. Roller retainer thrust collar

Figure 2C-3. Wheel Hub (1966 and earlier) - Exploded View Revised: 9-66 2C-3


Front and rear wheels have, permanently lubricated and sealed, retainer type ball bearings. The wheel hub has one bearing opposite the brake side. The brake drum has one bearing (front wheel) and two bearings (rear wheel).

Bearings require no interval attention. Excessive looseness or roughness in the bearings when wheel is turned indicates worn bearings, and they must be replaced.

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