Adjusting Beam

To get the greatest efficiency from the headlamp and to meet the requirements of the law, correctly adjust headlamp beam according to the following instructions.

Draw a horizontal line on a wall or screen exactly the same height as the center of the headlamp to be checked and adjusted. Then, position the motorcycle on a level surface with headlamp approximately 25 feet away from the test pattern. Have a rider sit on the motorcycle to simulate actual running conditions. Be sure tires are correctly inflated. Aim the headlamp directly at the screen and turn on the lighl switch. Set beam selector switch on the high beam position, and check beam for height and direction. The top of the main beam of light should register even with, but no higher than the horizontal line.

The lamp can be tilted up or down to aim it in relation to the horizontal line by turning vertical adjusting screw in or out The lamp can be aimed to the right or left in relation to the front wheel by turning the horizontal adjustment screw in or out.

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