Adjusting Foot Shifter Cover

When it is impossible to shift foot shifting mechanism into all gears, adjust as follows:

Disassemble shifter cover parts 1 through 12 as described in "Disassembling Shifter Cover (Foot Shift)," see Figure 4-11. Time shifter notches as illustrated in Figure 4-13. Loosen screw (14, Figure 4-11) and rotate adapter plate (16) until timing notch (Figure 4-13) in adapter plate, located at bottom of shifter gear hole, lines up with notch between two shifter gear teeth. Make alignment exact, then tighten adapter plate bracket screw to lock in position. This adjustment can be made with shifter in any gear (not neutral).

Assemble shifter cover in reverse order of disassembly.

Figure 4-7. Main Drive Gear Oil Seal Tool

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