Aluminum Front Wheel

Figure 2-22. Centering Wheel Rim - 16 Inch

Figure 2-23. Front Wheel - 19 Inch (1972 and Earlier)

4. Check rim for centering sideways with hub, for running true sideways and concentricity. Centering rim sideways with hub and truing rim sideways must be done as one operation.

5. Rim must be properly centered sideways in relation to hub for correct alignment and "tracking" of front and rear wheels. Figures 2-22, 2-23 and 2v23A show method of using a straightedge to determine correct sideways centering of wheel rims as specified. Place straightedge across hub on brake side and measure the distance from straightedge to rim well as shown. Note that late 1969 to 1972 Electra Glide models have rim laced off center. Rims 1973 and later are centered on hub which includes cast wheels.

6. Adjust truing stand gauge to side of rim well as shown in Figure 2-24 so rim at highest point will strike gauge as wheel is rotated slowly. Loosen nipples at highest point of rim on gauge side and tighten nipples on opposite side the same amount. Repeat this operation until rim runs true sideways. Reverse loosening and tightening of nipples as explained above if rim moves too far away from gauge. After each loosening and tightening of spokes, check rim in relation to hub as explained in above paragraphs. Rim should be trued to within 1/32 in. sideways runout.

16" WHEEL (5" TIRE) - 1972 AND EARLIER

16" WHEEL - 1973 AND LATER

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