Oil pump is assembled in reverse order of disassembly. Do not mix gears and keys - return to correct location. Oil pump gaskets should always be replaced. Use only "factory made" gaskets. Lock rings are often damaged when removing them. Install a new lock ring using a lock ring pliers when assembling pump. Make sure ring is engaged and seated in retaining groove.

Bolts and nuts must be drawn down evenly to approximately 45 in-lbs, but no more than 50 in-lbs torque. Make sure pump drive turns freely and does not bind.

This is important because tne on pump cover gasKet ana body gasket are made from plastic material. If overtightened, the plastic material will be squeezed out of place and eliminate pump gear side clearance which may seize and damage the pump parts.

If a leakage problem exists, disassemble pump and inspect all gasket surfaces making sure they are flat and smooth. Install new gaskets and reassemble pump, tightening four bolts and two nuts evenly to 45 to 50 in-lbs torque.

Oil hose connections have one piece band type clamps and must be replaced each time hoses are connected. Use Hose Clamp Tool, Part No. 97087-65 to squeeze clamps tight as shown in Figure 3-25.

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