Cast Wheel

1. Retaining ring (2)

7. Spacer

8. Cast wheel

10. Lockwasher (5)

11. Brake disc

12. Spacer

14. Lockwasher and nut (5)

15. Sprocket

Figure 2-14. 16 Inch Wheel Hub (1973 and Later) - Exploded View

Clean all parts in solvent and inspect for damage or wear. Replace parts as necessary. If bearing cones or cups need replacing, replace as a set. Use a standard bearing puller to remove bearing cups (6) from hub (8). Inspect brake discs for warping, scoring or worn running surfaces. Replace as necessary. On spoked wheels, check spoke flanges for bent or damaged condition.

Reassembly is basically the reverse of disassembly with the following exceptions: Apply a liberal amount of Harley-Davidson Grease-All grease to bearing cones before assembly. Lubricate lip of oil seal (3) before assembly. Press oil seal (4) into hub until it is 3/16 to 1 /4 in. below outside edge of hub. Bearing end play should be 0.004 to 0.018 in. when axle nut is tightened to 50 ft-lbs torque. If end play is not correct, substitute a slightly longer or shorter spacer (7) as necessary.

If brake disc (11), spacer (12) and sprocket (15) have been disassembled, make sure all mounting surfaces are clean and flat before reassembly. Tighten sprocket mounting nuts or bolts to 34 to 42 ft-lbs torque. Tighten brake disc mounting bolts to 21 to 27 ft-lbs torque.


Pry grease seal (1) from wheel hub. Remove retaining ring (2) with Tru-arc lock ring pliers. Tap ball bearing (3) inward all the way against its seat in hub. This will move bearing (4) out far enough so that spacer (5) can be moved away from bearing (4). Then use a drift to tap out bearing (4) from opposite end of hub. Bearing (3) can now be tapped out from opposite end.

1. Grease retainer

2. Retaining ring

3. Ball bearing

4. Ball bearing (brake side)

5. Bearing spacer

Figure 2-15. Front Wheel Hub - FX (1972 and Earlier)

Clean and pack both ball bearings with tresh Grease-All Grease. Press brake side ball bearing (4) against shoulder in hub, shielded side out. Install retaining ring (2) using Tru-arc lock ring pliers.

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