Check List

When the disc brake is not operating properly use the following list for possible causes.

1. Excessive hand lever or pedal travel or spongy feel.

Air in system - bleed brake.

Master cylinder low on fluid - fill master cylinder with approved brake fluid.

2. Chattering or scraping sound when brake is applied.

Worn or defective pads - replace brake pads. Loose mounting bolts - tighten bolts. Warped disc - replace disc.

3. Ineffective brake - lever or pedal travels to the limit.

Low fluid level-fill master cylinder with D.O.T. 5 brake fluid.

Piston seal defective - replace piston cup O-ring in brake piston.

Brake dragging fades due to heat.

4. Ineffective brake - lever or pedal travel normal.

Distorted disc - replace brake disc.

Distorted or contaminated brake pads - replace brake pads.

5. Brake pads drag on disc - will not retract.

Piston binding in adjusting ring - replace brake piston and adjusting ring.

Piston in master cylinder not uncovering relief port -check master cylinder.

Rear brake pedal linkage out of adjustment - readjust.

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