Cleaning And Inspecting

Wash all parts except hydraulic units and gaskets in grease solvent. Hydraulic unit parts are selectively fitted and may not be interchanged so they must be individually and separately washed. Twist and pull hydraulic piston and spring from cylinder and wash parts.

Blow out oil passages in tappets, tappet guides and hydraulic units with compressed air. Insert a length of wire into oil channel openings in tappet guide to make sure passages are open. Air dry all parts.

Examine cams through tappet guide holes in gearcase for nicked, grooved or chipped condition. Examine tappet-guide matching surfaces for scuffing or grooving.

When tappet fit in guide exceeds maximum tolerance shown in "Engine Specifications" by .001 in. or more, replace worn parts. If roller is loose, force out pin on arbor press, insert new parts and peen or stake pin ends.

Check roller end clearance. Replace all units exceeding tolerances listed in specifications.

Hydraulic units may be checked as follows: Wash and air dry piston and cylinder. Blow out cylinder from bottom to make sure ball and seat are dry. Insert piston in cylinder. Hold in an upright position without covering hole in bottom of cylinder. Press piston down until spring touches cylinder, then release the piston. If piston bounces back, unit is serviceable. If piston does not bounce back, cover hole in bottom of cylinder and repeat above process. If piston does not bounce back, unit is worn and must be replaced. If piston bounces back, ball is not seating, and unit should be replaced. Before replacing hydraulic units, check possibility of plugged or partially plugged screen under large capscrew located near rear tappet guide. Remove screen as described in "Disassembling Gearcase," and clean or replace if dirty.

1. Tappet guide screw (4)

2. Push rod hydraulic unit (2)

3. Push rod cover cork washer (2)

4. Tappet guide

5. Tappet and roller assembly (2)

6. Tappet guide gasket

Figure 3-27. Tappet Assembly - Exploded View


Assemble tappets as follows: Slip tappets (5) into guide (4) so flat surfaces on tappets are toward center of guide as shown in Figure 3-28. If flat surfaces with holes are not toward center of guide, engine oil will not feed across and one hydraulic unit cannot fill with oil. Assemble tappet guide gasket dry and insert tappet assembly in place on gearcase, holding tappets in place with thumb and forefinger as when unit was removed.

Assemble push rod cover cork washers, push rod hydraulic units and tappet guide screws. Tighten tappet guide screws 10 ft-lbs torque.

Assemble remainder of push rod assembly in same order disassembled.

Adjust tappet clearance as described in "Cylinder Head."

Figure 3-28. Inserting Tappets on Guide
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