Cleaning Chain Oiler

Normal setting of adjusting screw is 1/4 turn open. If orifice becomes blocked it will be necessary to clean as follows:

Turn adjusting screw inward until it bottoms on its seat. Keep a count of the number of turns.

Remove adjusting screw and clean orifice with compressed air.

Reinstall adjusting screw and turn it inward until it bottoms on its seat.

Turn adjusting screw outward the same number of turns determined in step 2.


If motorcycle is operated under extremely dusty conditions, additional lubricaton of the rear chain may be advisable from time to time. Under these conditions proceed as follows: remove chain from motorcycle Soak and wash thoroughly in a pan of solvent such as kerosene. After removing chain from kerosene, allow kerosene to drain off or blow off with air hose. After chain is completely dry, apply Harley-Davidson chain spray, chain saver or chain grease following instructions or container label. Wipe all surplus lubricant from surface of chain. Install chain on motorcycle. Inspect connecting link and spring clip closely for bad condition Replace if at all questionable Be sure spring clip is correctly and securely locked on pin ends.

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