Cylinder Head

REMOVING (Figure 3-3)

Betore removing cylinder head assembly, strip motorcycle as described in "Stripping Motorcycle For Engine Repair." Free carburetor and manifold assembly from motorcycle by removing two manifold clamps and carburetor support bracket nut at crankcase.

Disconnect overhead oil feed line (1 )and cylinder interconnecting oil line (4) at fittings.

Remove spring cap retainers (8) on push rod covers by prying down on cover spring cap with screwdriver wedged between cylinder cooling fins and pulling spring cap retainers out. Crank engine until valves are closed.

Remove five head bolts and washers (5) from each head. Lift cylinder head enough to slip out push rods (6) and push rod covers (7). Mark push rods so that they will be reassembled in same position. Remove cylinder head (9). Remove cylinder head gasket (10).


Free the rocker arm cover (13) and gaskets (14) from cylinder head by removing stud nuts (11). Before further disassembly, carefully check the rocker arm pads and ball sockets for pitting and excessive wear. Also, check the rocker arm shaft (17) for proper end play.

Remove rocker arm shaft screw and O-ring (18), acorn nut and washer (15). Discard shaft screw O-ring. Tap rocker arm shaft (17) from cover and remove rocker arm (20) and spacer (16). Mark rocker arm shaft and arm in some manner so all parts may be returned to respective locations during assembly. Rocker arms are not interchangeable.

Compress valve springs using Valve Spring Compressor, Part No. 96600-36, and remove valve keys (23) from ends of valve stems as shown in Figure 3-4. Mark keys to identify them with their respective valves. Remove valve spring collars (24 and 27), springs (25 and 26) and valves (28). It is customary to reassemble valves in same cylinder head from which they were removed; therefore, before removing, mark them in some manner to identify them with front and rear cylinder head.

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