The Keihin carburetor is a horizontal type with a fuel bowl, a single ring-shaped float, an accelerating pump, idle mixture adjusting needle and a throttle stop screw for idle speed adjustment.

The throttle body casting contains an integral venturi and a fuel valve seat that is pressed into the body. The underside of the throttle body contains a boss. The main jet screws into the boss and holds the bleed tube in place.

3. Accelerator pump adjusting screw

10. Screw, throttle stop

12. Screw, low speed mixture

17. Lever, throttle

38. Fuel inlet fitting

40. Plate, choke

41. Lever, choke

42. Flange, mounting

43. Lever, accelerator pump

44. Rocker arm

45. Accelerator pump spring

Figure 3-73. Keihin Carburetor

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