Disassembling Alternator

1. Remove left footrest and chain housing cover. If motorcycle is equipped with compensating sprocket, use Compensating Sprocket Shaft Nut Wrench, Part No. 94557-55, to remove compensating sprocket shaft nut. If not equipped with compensating sprocket, use 1 -3/8 in. socket or box wrench to remove nut. Loosen nut by striking wrench handle several sharp blows with hammer.

2. Remove chain adjuster mounting bolt and large brass starter shaft thrust washer.

3. Remove push rod adjusting screw locknut (nut on center screw on clutch sprocket), slip washer (any metal washer about 1 -3/4 in. in diameter with 3/8 in. hole) over push rod adjusting screw and replace locknut. Remove three spring tension adjusting nuts and pull clutch outer disc and spring collar assembly off clutch drive hub pins. Move clutch sprocket and motor sprocket out and remove from shafts with chain.

4. Remove three bolts, attaching chain housing at engine sprocket shaft.

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