Disassembling And Assembling Gear

A three forward speed and reverse transmission cannot be installed on a foot shift model motorcycle, and a three-speed transmission cannot be assembled in a four-speed gear case.

The disassembly, repair and assembly procedures for a three-speed and reverse transmission are the same as for a four-speed transmission except for the following differences:

Refer to Figure 4-18. In three-speed and reverse countershaft assembly, omit shifter clutch (13). lock ring (14), thrust washer (15) and gear bushing (17).

Substitute gear 10A for 10, 16A for 16, and 25A for 25.

Refer to Figure 4-19. Substitute 8A for 8 and 10A for 10.

Refer to Figure 4-15. Substitute 8A for 8.

Idler gear shaft (30), spacer washer (30A) and idler gear (31) are removed by threading a 1 /4-20 tap or screw into end of shaft, grasp screw head in pliers and pull shaft out of case. It may be necessary to heat the case to facilitate pulling the shaft.

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