Disassembling Crankcase

1. Remove cylinder heads as described in "Disassembling Cylinder Head."

2. Remove cylinders as described in "Disassembling Cylinder and Piston."

3. Remove gearcase parts as described in "Disassembling Gearcase." Check flywheel end play as described above.

Refer to Figure 3-35 and proceed as follows:

4. Remove crankcase bolts (1) and studs (2, 3,4 and 5). It is necessary to remove only one stud nut and slip stud and other nut out opposite side of crankcase.

Refer to Figure 3-36 and continue disassembly:

5. Position crankcase with gearcase (right side) up. Tap crankcase with rawhide or soft mallet to loosen top half. Lift right crankcase half (1) off pinion shaft main bearings. Remove spiral lock ring (2) from pinion shaft with tip of screwdriver. Lift bearing washers (3 and 5) with bearings and bearing retainers (4) off pinion shaft.

6. Mount flywheel and left case assembly on press table supporting case on parallel bars (Figure 3-38) and press on end of sprocket shaft with arbor press until flywheel assembly (8) drops out, freeing sprocket side bearing half (9), spacer (6) and spacer (10). Remove seal (7).

7. If left main bearing is to be replaced, tap out bearing races (11 and 13) from opposite sides of crankcase hole, using a brass drift and hammer. If bearing set is being replaced, remove lock ring spacer (12) using a 1/8 in. pin punch or similar tool. Rotate lock ring in groove so that one edge covers oil hole. Insert tool into oil hole with tapered end underneath lock ring. Tap on tool to force one end out of groove as shown in Figure 3-39. Starting at this free end, push ring out of bearing bore.

2. Crankcase stud, 5/16 x

5 in. (right center)

3. Crankcase stud, 5/16 x

4. Crankcase stud, 5/16 x 5-7/16 in. (2) (top and top right)

5. Crankcase stud, 11/32 x 5-13/16 in. (2) (left and right bottom

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