Disassembling Gear

Remove transmission from chassis as described in "Stripping Motorcycle for Transmission Repair."

Remove shifter cover. Slide shifter forks together so that two gears engage, locking transmission. Remove kick starter clutch as described under "Disassembling Kick Starter." If main drive gear is to be removed from transmission, remove rear chain sprocket nut (left hand thread) and sprocket while transmission is locked. Remove shifter forks as described under "Removing Shifter Forks."

Remove clutch as described in "Disassembling Clutch."

Remove starter assembly and starter clutch as described in "Disassembling Starter."

Remove shifter cover and shifting forks as described in "Removing Shifter Cover" and "Removing Shifter Forks."


Bend tabs on lockwasher (6) flat. Remove countershaft nut (5). Tap countershaft (8) part way through countershaft gear (25 or 25A) with a suitable drift. Using a short piece of wire shaped like a hook, lift countershaft washer (9) out of case. Push countershaft the rest of the way out of case.

Remove low gear (10), low gear bushing (11), low gear bearing washer (12) and shifter clutch (13) off splined countershaft (8).


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