Fitting Sprocket Bearing

If flywheel end play is within tolerance and Timken tapered roller bearings and races pass visual check and have no apparent wear, the same set may be reinstalled. Make certain all parts of bearing are installed in exactly the same order they were removed. If any part of bearing assembly is worn, entire assembly should be replaced.


Install flywheel side outer race snap ring (12) in case. When properly installed, oil hole in snap ring groove will be centered in snap ring gap. Use arbor press and Outer Race Press Plug, Part No. 97194-57 to press outer race parts into crankcase bushing one at a time as shown in Figure 3-37. Press the races into the case, one from each side, with widest ends outward to match taper of bearings. Be sure each race bottoms on the snap ring.

Position flywheel assembly in vise with sprocket shaft up. Press bearing (15) on sprocket shaft using Bearing Installing Tool, Part No. 97225-55. Sprocket shaft spacer 24036-66 may be needed with bearing installing tool as shown in Figure 3-49. Press the parts on using sprocket shaft spacer as a pressing spacer only. Turn tool screw onto sprocket shaft thread and tighten securely. Remove tool handle and slip the bearing small end up over sprocket shaft, starting it squarely. Install the small bearing spacer (10) and tool sleeve and press bearing against flange on flywheel using the tool as shown in Figure 3-49.

Figure 3-49. Pressing Bearing on Sprocket Shaft

Slip crankcase half, with outer race parts installed, over shaft. Slip bearing over tool screw, small end down toward bearing inner spacer. Position tool sleeve and turn on driver. Turn driver down against sleeve pressing bearings tightly together as shown in Figure 3-50. Bearings must be tight against the bearing spacer to provide correct bearing clearance.

Figure 3-50. Pressing Flywheel into Crankcase

Before loosening tool, check to see that the bearing is not preloaded by shaking crankcase half and feeling for a slight amount of play of crankcase half on bearing. Note: If there is no noticeable shake, or if flywheel assembly does not rotate freely in bearing, disassemble bearing and add a .003 Shim, Part No. 23741 -55, on one side of inner race spacer <10, Figure 3-37). Again install bearing with tool and re-check for slight play in bearing.

Remove assembly from vise and install bearing washer (5), bearings (4) and bearing washer (3) on pinion shaft. Install new spiral lock ring (2) on groove in pinion shaft. Slip right case half over bearing and against left case half after applying a coat of non-hardening gasket sealer to parting surfaces.

See Figure 3-35. Align case halves and tap crankcase studs (5) into holes. These two studs properly align the case halves and must be installed before remaining studs. Insert remaining studs, bolts and nuts. Tighten nuts on studs to 12 to 15 ft-lbs torque. Tighten nuts on bolts to 22 to 26 ft-Ibs torque.

Check exact amount of flywheel end play with a dial indicator as directed at the beginning of this Section todetermine if within specified limits. See Figure 3-51.

Install spacer (6, Figure 3-36). Press seal (7) into crankcase with lip toward outside (see Figure 3-37).

Install compensating sprocket shaft extension or solid sprocket, see Section 3, "General."

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