Front Brake Master Cylinder


The master cylinder (1) is located on the right handlebar. Remove from motorcycle as follows, remove master cylinder cover (2) and gasket (3) by removing 2 screws (4).

Disconnect hydraulic line (5) from master cylinder. Remove handlebar switch assembly and disconnect stoplamp wires. Remove retaining ring (6) and pivot pin (7). Pull out brake lever (8), pin (9), plunger (10), spring (11), 2 washers (12), and dust wiper (13). Remove retaining ring (14) with retaining ring pliers, Harley-Davidson Part No. 96215-49. Pull out piston (15) and O-ring (16) assembly, piston cup (17), spring cup (18), and piston return spring (19).


Inspect piston cup (17), and O-ring (16) for wear, softening, and enlarging. Examine cylinder walls for scratches and grooves. Gasket (3) should have no tears, punctures or breaks which would allow leakage. Replace if necessary. Make sure vent hole in master cylinder cover is open.

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