Front Chain Lubrication

A fixed amount of oil is supplied through an oil line from metering orifice in the oil pump. Oil drops on front chain from oiler outlet tube (7, Figure 2-1). fcxcess oil collects at rear of chain compartment and is drawn back into engine gearcase breather.

When the front chain adjustment is checked at 2000 mile intervals, also check to see that oil comes out of oiler tube when engine is running, when viewing through cover inspection hole. If oil does not come from oiler, the supply orifice at pump is probably blocked due to accumulation of dirt, and requires cleaning. To do this, remove orifice screw and washer from oil pump and blow out passage to chain compartment with compressed air.

REAR CHAIN LUBRICATION (Figure 2-3) Motorcycle is equipped with a rear chain oiler. At regular 2000 mile intervals, make a close inspection of rear chain. If rear chain does not appear to be getting sufficient lubrication, or if there is evidence of an over-supply of oil, readjustment should be made with rear chain oiler adjusting screw. The rear chain oiler is located on the oil pump as shown below. Normally setting is 1 /4 turn open which provides 2 or 3 drops per minute.

1. Rear chain oiler adjusting screw

2. Cover plug for tappet/overhead oil supply screen

Figure 2-3. Rear Chain Oiler Adjustment

If chain oiler is not being used, brush dirt off chain and lubricate at 1000 mile intervals with Harley-Davidson "Chain Saver," "Chain Spray" or "Chain Grease" if available; if not available, use engine oil.

If the motorcycle is operated under extremely dusty or dirty conditions, thorough cleaning and lubrication of the rear chain may be advisable from time to time. Under these conditions, proceed as follows:

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