Fx Removing And Installing 1978

Support motorcycle underneath frame with front wheel raised. Detach both the right and left caliper mounting hardware (3). Let caliper assemblies hang down loose out of the way as shown in figure. Remove axle nut (6), lockwasher (7) and washer (8). Loosen slider cap hardware (4). With a soft hammer tap left end of axle (5) to loosen it and start it out. Pull axle (5) out of fork assembly. Remove front wheel assembly and speedometer drive (9). To reinstall wheel, reverse above procedure. Be sure speedometer drive (9) ear engages hole in wheel hub when installed. Securely tighten axle nut (6) to 50 ft-lbs torque and then tighten slider cap hardware (4) and caliper mounting hardware (3) to 11 ft-lbs torque. This will ensure correct alignment of the fork sides.

1. Left side caliper

2. Right side caliper

3. Caliper mounting hardware (2 sets)

4. Slider cap hardware (2 sets)

5. Axle

6. Axle nut

7. Lockwasher

8. Washer

9. Speedometer drive 10. Brake discs

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