When rod bearings, pinion shaft bearings or sprocket shaft bearings are in need of repair, the engine must be removed from the motorcycle as described in "Stripping Motorcycle for Engine Repair." It is recommended procedure to check and make repairs to cylinder heads, cylinders and gearcase at the same time, or in other words, perform an entire engine overhaul.

Flywheel End Play Check:

After engine has been removed from motorcycle and before removing crankcase bolts, assemble sprocket shaft bearing tool. Part No. 97225-55, tightly against bearing inner race (60 ft-lbs). Remove gear side cover, fasten dial indicator to gear side crankcase and place dial indicator stem on end of gear shaft. Securely fasten engine base to stand and workbench. Find flywheel end play in bearing by rotating tool while pushing, and pulling on tool, and reading dial indicator at extremes of travel. This operation is shown in Figure 3-51. If play exceeds .006 maximum allowable end play bearings must be replaced if found worn or damaged. If not worn, shimming can be used to take up end play as described on page 3-37.

The sprocket shaft bearing is locked in place with a combination lock ring spacer which is located in a groove between the two bearing outer races. If any part of the bearing set requires replacement the entire bearing assembly, including bearings, races, lock ring and inner race spacer, must be replaced as a set.

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