The clutch or clutch control mechanism needs attention when the clutch slips under load, or drags in released position. For causes of slipping clutch see "Locating Operating Troubles," Section 1. Before disassembling clutch when repair is indicated, readjust gear shifter control and clutch spring tension. It is not necessary to remove transmission from chassis to adjust or repair clutch.


With foot pedal in fully disengaged position (heel down), the clutch lever should strike the transmission case cover. Adjust length ofthefoot pedal rodtojust clearthe foot pedal bearing cover so the rod is not bent down by the bearing cover.

Move the foot pedal to a toe down or fully engaged position, loosen the locknut (4) and readjust the push rod adjusting screw (5) with a screwdriver so that the end of the clutch lever (8) has about 1 /8 in. free movement before clutch disengages. Turn screw (5) right for less movement and left, for more.

To disassemble cable from hand lever at anchor pin, turn sleeve into bracket (3) and remove cable from side slot as shown in Figure 4-1. When reassembling cable ferrule in hand lever anchor pin with side slot, be sure slot is toward inside as shown.

Figure 4-1. Clutch Hand Lever Cable

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