Spoke holes in hub flanges are in two rows around flange, ten inner row holes and ten outer row holes in each flange. All spokes must be inserted from inside of flange.

ASSEMBLING SPOKES (Figures 2-18, 2-19)

Figure 2-18. Starting Spokes in Wheel Hub -16 Inch Wheel

1. Place hub on bench with one of the flanges up.

2. Insert spokes in ten inner spoke holes of hub flange (see Figure 2-18).

3. Swing loose end of spokes counterclockwise as far as hub will allow without turning hub.

4. Place rim over hub either side down and insert spokes in upper row of holes in rim that angle in same direction as spokes. Just start nipples on spokes as they are inserted in rim.

5. Insert spokes in outer ten holes of flange and swing spokes clockwise (see Figure 2-19).

6. Select any outerspoke,cross itoverfour inner spokes (A, B, C and D) and insert spoke in nearest upper rim hole and start nipple. Follow same procedure with balance of spokes.

7. Turn rim and hub over. Repeat operations 2, 3, 5 and 6, except in operation 3, swing spokes clockwise and in operation 5 swing spokes counterclockwise.

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