Part No. 94645-41 Clutch Hub Nut Wrench

Part No. 94645-41 Clutch Hub Nut Wrench

I One end used to remove main-I shaft starter clutch, the other end ■ for pulling worn mainshaft ball bearing with transmission in or W out of chassis.

Part No. 95650-42 Transmission Mainshaft Starter Clutch and Bearing Puller

Part No. 94660-37 Countershaft Sprocket Locknut Wrench

Used to size new main drive gear bushing.

Used to remove and install main drive gear oil seal with transmission in or out of chassis.

(D 95666-42A Sleeve Used with clutch gear oil seal tool to remove and install clutch gear oil seal on Electra-Glide Model having longer transmission main-shaft._

Part No. 94825-31 Transmission Main Drive Gear Bushing Reamer

Part No. 95660-42 Main Drive Gear Oil Seal Tool


Four holes fit clutch hub studs.

Four bolts f it tapped holes in chain

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