Be sure to see that rocker arm ends do not jam against valve stems as rocker box is installed on head studs. Use a screwdriver to raise valve end of arm when cover assembly is installed.

Install new cylinder head to cylinder gasket and position rear head. Start cylinder head bolts. Turn engine until front % cylinder exhaust tappet is just starting upward. Install rear cylinder exhaust push rod and push rod cover. Make certain both push rod ends are properly seated in rocker arm and tappet.

Rotate engine until front cylinder intake tappet is just starting upward. Install rear cylinder intake push rod in same manner as exhaust push rod. Tighten head bolts evenly to ensure a proper seal. First turn bolts snug, then using a torque wrench tighten each 1 /4 turn at a time until all are drawn to 65 ft-lbs.

Repeat procedure to install front cylinder head.


When adjusting tappets, the engine must be cold and push rod must be at its lowest position (valve closed). Lowest position may be found by rotating engine until like tappet (intake or exhaust) in other cylinder is at highest point (valve fully open). Tappets can be adjusted under wet or dry conditions.

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