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Part No. 96740-36 Connecting Rod Lapping Arbor

Use to rotate valve when grinding or lapping seat surfaces.

Part No. 96550-36 Valve Lapping Tool

Used to remove and install piston pin lock rings (1972 and earlier).

Part No. 96780-32A Piston Lock Ring Tool

Used to compress valve springs while removing or installing valves.

Used to install spiral piston pin lock rings (1973 and early 1977).

Part No. 96600-36 Valve Spring Compressor

Part No. 96780-58A Piston Pin Lock Ring Tool

Range 0 to 100 ft-lbs (1200 in-Ibs). Used to tighten head cylinder, manifold and generator bolts (etc.) where a definite, uniform tightness is specified. Also used with Valve Spring Tester Fixture, Part No. 96796-47.

Part No. 96795-47 Torque Wrench

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