27. Washer

28. Speedometer drive unit

29. Drive unit gasket

30. Idler gear shaft 30A. Spacer washer

31. Idler gear

32. Countershaft mounting collar (starter side)

33. Countershaft mounting collar (clutch side)

34. Idler gear bushing

35. Side cover nut and washer (9)

36. Side cover

37. Side cover gasket

38. Side cover upper bushing

39. Side cover lower bushing

Roller retainer washer (early 1976 and earlier) Lock ring (early 1976 and earlier) Roller thrust washer (early 1976 and earlier) Roller bearing (22) (early 1976 and earlier) Bearing (late 1976 and later) Retainer washer (early 1976 and earlier) Lock ring* Countershaft gear Countershaft gear (19 tooth for 3 speed and reverse) Speedometer drive housing screw

Screw Washer Ring Ring

Countershaft nut Lockwasher Lock plate Countershaft O-Ring

Countershaft gear end washer Low gear Countershaft reverse gear

Low gear bushing Low gear bearing washer Shifter clutch Spring lock ring Gear retaining washer Countershaft second gear Countershaft low gear (3 speed and reverse) Second gear bushing Bearng rollers (22) (early 1976 and earlier) Countershaft bearing (late 1976 and later)

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