Accelerating pump lever screw Accelerating pump lever Accelerating pump Idle tube Idle tube gasket

Main fuel jet and tube assembly

Fiber washer



Bowl drain plug

Float pin

Float assembly

Float spring

Float valve

Bowl gasket

Idle mixture needle

Idle mixture needle spring

Throttle stop screw

Throttle stop screw spring

Choke disc

Choke disc screw (2)

Choke shaft and lever



Choke shaft seal retainer Choke shaft seal Choke shaft cup plug Throttle disc Throttle disc screw (2) Throttle shaft and lever Throttle shaft spring Throttle shaft seal retainer Throttle shaft seal retainer Throttle shaft seal Throttle shaft seal Manifold gasket Manifold stud (2) Intake manifold Accelerating pump shaft pin

9. Insert fuel valve assembly (14) in fuel valve seat. Assemble float spring (13) and float (12) and install float pin (11). Be sure that fuel valve clip is attached to the float tab. If necessary, bend clip to provide minimum clearance with tab (approximately .010 in.).

10. With the carburetor inverted (inlet needle seated), bottom surface of float should be 3/16 in. from gasket surface at point opposite hinge. A 3/16 in. drill can be used as a gauge as shown in Figure 3-72. If adjustment is required, use long nosed pliers to bend the tab that contacts the fuel valve. Be careful to avoid damage to the fuel valve or seat.

Figure 3-72

11. Install throttle stop screw (18) and spring (19). Adjust screw to open throttle slightly but not far enough to uncover the No. 2 idle discharge hole.

12. Install idle mixture needle (16) and spring (17). Screw needle IN until it seats lightly against the No. 1 idle discharge hole, then back it out 1-1/2 turns as a preliminary idle adjustment.


1. Carefully guide cup of accelerating pump (3) into pump well. Seat accelerating pump boot around top of accelerating pump boss.

2. Assemble washer (7) on main jet and discharge tube (6) and assemble O-ring (8) in groove near end of discharge tube.

3. Hold carburetor inverted (with float up) and rotate the long end of the spring upward so that it is against the float. Carefully position the fuel bowl on the throttle body releasing the float spring so that the long end of the spring presses against the side of the bowl (refer to Figure 3-72). Be sure that the accelerating jet fits properly in the hole in the throttle body.

4. Assemble main jet and tube (6)through hole in bottom of bowl and into throttle body boss.

5. Assemble gasket (5) on idle tube (4) and insert tube in throttle body. Carefully guide tube through bore and into discharge tube on opposite side of venturi. Tighten idle tube and main jet.

e. Attach accelerating pump lever (2) on top ot accelerating pump. Other end of lever goes on rectangular end ol throttle shaft. Install pump lever screw (1) in end of throttle shaft.

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