16" WHEEL (5" TIRE) - 1972 AND EARLIER

16" WHEEL - 1973 AND LATER

Figure 2-23A. Front Wheel - 19 Inch (1973 and Later)
Figure 2-24. Truing Rim Sideways

7. After rim has been centered sideways with wheel hub and runs true sideways, check it for concentricity. Adjust truing stand gauge to rim tire bead seat as shown in Figure 2-25. If rim runs eccentric (radial runout), nipples must be loosened at points rim does not contact gauge, and nipples tightened at points rim contacts gauge. Amount nipples are to be loosened or tightened is determined by the amount rim is out of round. Rim should be trued to 1 /32 in. or less radial runout.

8. After above operations have been checked and corrected, start at valve hole and tighten nipples one turn at a time all the way around rim until spokes are normally tight. While tightening nipples, repeatedly check rim with gauge according to instructions in steps 4 through 7.

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