Turn relief valve plug (15) out of pump body and remove relief valve spring (16) and valve (17). Remove check valve spring cover screw (18), valve spring (19) and ball (20). Turn in adjusting screw (21). Count the turns necessary to bottom screw then remove. Bottom and turn out same number of turns when assembling. Oil pump elbows (22) may be turned out of pump cover to facilitate cleaning.

To remove oil pump unit from gearcase with gearcase cover removed, remove ignition circuit breaker parts, gearcase cover screws, cover and gasket. (See "Gearcase Timing Gears".) Use a right angle lock ring pliers to remove lock ring from groove in pump drive gear shaft and remove drive gear and key. Remove pump body nuts and bolts (2 and 9) and slip pump with drive shaft (11) out of gearcase. Pump is then disassembled as above.

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