WARNING — When removing lock ring (12), there is a possibility that it will spring from the groove with enough force to cause personal injury. To prevent this, wrap rag around crankcase and through lock ring.

8. If flywheels are to be disassembled, grip pinion shaft in vise and pull bearing from sprocket shaft using claw puller and wedge attachment. Place wedge halves behind bearing and pull bearing off by tightening puller screw against sprocket shaft center as shown in Figure 3-40. Keep bearings in a set with proper bearing outer races.


1. Grip pinion shaft in copper covered vise jaws so shafts are in vertical position. Insert a rod about 5 in. long and 1 /2 in. in diameter through holes in flywheels to keep them from turning. Remove lock plate screw (1), lock plate (2) and crank pin nut (3) with Flywheel Nut Wrench, Part No. 94546-41. Strike left flywheel with soft metal mallet at about 90 degrees from crank pi n hole on wheel periphery to loosen. Lift left flywheel (4) off crankpin.

2. Hold down bearing assembly with a short length of pipe or tubing so connecting rods (5) may be slipped off bearings. Remove bearings (6). Hold together in set until bearings are washed and refitted to crank pin.

3. Remove lock plate screw (7), lock plate (8) and gear shaft nut (9). Tap pinion shaft (11) out of flywheel (10). Remove key (12) from shaft.

4. Clamp crank pin in vise. Remove lock plate screw (13), lock plate (14) and crank pin locknut (15). Tap crank pin (16) out of flywheel and remove key (17).

5. Grip sprocket shaft in vise and remove lock plate screw (18), lock plate (19) and sprocket shaft nut (20). Use Part No. 94546-41 Wrench for 1971 and earlier 1 -5/16 in. hex nut. Use Snap-on Part No. S6202 Socket for 1972 and later 1-5/8 in. hex nut. Remove sprocket shaft (21) by tapping ¡tout of flywheel, and remove key (22) where applicable.

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