Circuit breaker points should be checked for gap and contact surface condition initially at 500 and 1000 miles, and thereafter every 2000 miles. Remove spark plugs to permit engine to turn easily and rotate flywheels so that cam follower (4) is on one of the highest points of wide cam lobe (5). Check the gap between the contacts (10) with a .018 in. gauge (wire preferred). If it is not exactly .018 in. when the cam follower (4) is on highest point of wide cam lobe (5), adjustment is necessary. Incorrect point gap spacing affects ignition timing. To adjust the points, loosen the lock screw (3) and move stationary contact plate, using screwdriver in adjusting notch (1) to provide correct contact point gap. Retighten the lock screw (3) and again check the gap to make sure it remains correct. Points in pitted or worn condition should be replaced.

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