Installing Carburetor On Motorcycle

Mount the carburetor on the motorcycle as follows. Checl> O-ring (20), Figure 3-78, on the mounting flange to see that it is okay and in its groove. Position carburetor on twc engine mounting studs and secure with nuts and washers

Insert throttle wire through slot in bracket (15) and wrap around into groove in throttle lever (17). Place throttle wire end ferrule into hole in lever. Check operation by twisting throttle control on handlebar. Throttle should open and close fully with handlebar grip movement.

Attach choke wire to choke lever (41) and confirm operation of choke by operating carburetor choke knob.

Attach fuel line from gas tank to fitting (38) on carburetor body. Position overflow tube (37) downward so any fuel overflow will drip away from hot engine. Open fuel valve. Install air cleaner.

Figure 3-78. Carburetor Float Setting
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