Lapping Valve Faces And Seats

If valve faces and seats have been smoothly and accurately refaced, very little lapping will be required to complete seating operation. Apply a light coat of fine lapping compound to valve face, insert valve in guide and give it a few oscillations with Valve Grinding Tool, Part No. 96550-36. Lift valve and rotate it about 1/3 of a turn. Repeat lapping procedure as shown in Figure 3-6. Afterfull turn, remove valve, wash valve face and seat, and dry with cloth that is immediately discarded so grinding compound cannot be transferred to engine parts. If inspection shows an unbroken lapped finish of uniform width around both valve and seat, valve is well seated. If lapped finish is not complete, further lapping, or grinding and lapping is necessary.

Figure 3-6. Lapping Valves ASSEMBLING CYLINDER HEAD

Replace valve and valve spring assemblies using Valve Spring Compressor, Part No. 96600-36. Position valve keys so spaces between key halves are equal. Spaces between key halves must face front and rear of engine on intake valves.

Replace rocker arm assemblies. Rocker arms must be free or hydraulic lifters will not fill with oil.

Replace rocker arm cover. New cover gaskets (14) should be used and cover nuts (11) tightened evenly to 15 ft-lbs.

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