Foot Brake Lever Locking Tool, Part No. 95875-58, can be used to lock brake. To use tool, raise right side foot board, slip tool over brake lever stop pin, depress brake pedal and rotate tool so that cam on tool end locks brake pedal in depressed position.

1. Rear wheel axle

2. Rear wheel axle nut lockwasher

3. Rear wheel axle nut

4. Rear wheel mounting screws

5. Rear wheel axle spacer

Remove axle nut (7), lockwasher (8), and washer (9). With a soft hammer, tap right end of axle (10) to loosen it and start it out. Pull axle out of fork assembly, noting position of spacer (11) between sprocket and fork side. Wheel is then free to come out the rear.

CAUTION — Do not operate rear brake pedal when rear wheel is removed because the brake caliper piston may be forced out of the bore, requiring disassembly of the brake system to get it properly reseated.

When reassembling wheel, reverse the removal procedure. Adjust rear chain (see "Rear Chain Adjustment"). Tighten axle nut and brake anchor nut to 50ft-lbs torque. Install cotter pin (5).

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