Note For 1973 And Earlier

The letter A, B, C, D, E or F is stamped near the basic Bendix carburetor Part No. 13479 on the carburetor body boss (8, Figure 3-70) for identifying carburetors with modifications. The No. 115 main jet is standard for carburetors up to E. The No. 110 main jet is standard for F carburetors.

Modifications to early 1971 carburetors are recommended for improved performance per Service Bulletin No. 614A.

Late 1971 models have extra holes in accelerating pump shaft to provide more or less fuel upon acceleration -bottom hole for pump shaft pin (37, Figure 3-71) provides richest setting - top hole, leanest setting.


1. Remove pump lever screw (1) to loosen pump lever (2) from end of throttle shaft. Disengage accelerating pump (3) with boot from fuel bowl assembly and remove pump with lever. Compress piston shaft spring and rotate lever (2) 90 degrees to disengage from shaft roll pin.

2. Remove idle tube (4) and gasket (5). Remove the jet and tube assembly (6) to free bowl (9). Remove fiber washer (7) and O-ring (8) from tube.

Throttle Body

1. Use scribe or heavy wire to press float pin (11) out of float hinges.

2. Remove float assembly (12), float spring (13) and float valve assembly (14) from throttle body.

3. Remove bowl to body gasket (15).

4. Remove idle mixture needle (16) and spring (17). Then remove throttle stop screw (18) and spring (19).

5. Close choke disc (20) and remove screws (21). Remove disc from air intake opening and slide choke shaft and lever (22) out of shaft hole, plunger and spring (22Aand 22B) will be released.

6. Remove seal retainer (23) and seal (24) from inside choke shaft opening only if they are to be replaced. Do not remove cup plug (25) from other choke shaft opening unless the plug is damaged and is to be replaced.

7. Close throttle disc (26) and remove two small screws (27). Then remove throttle disc and shaft and lever (28). Remove spring (29) from throttle shaft.

8. Remove retainers(30and31)andseals(32and33)from throttle shaft bosses only if they are to be replaced.

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