To prevent brushes from escaping holders, insert a spool of slightly larger diameter than the commutator underneath brushes when brushes are half exposed as armature is withdrawn from frame. In this way armature can be reinstalled without removing brushes from holders.

Reassembly is essentially the reverse of the disassembly procedure. If brushes (9) and (10) and springs (8) have been released from holder, use clips or clamps as shown in Figure 5-30 to hold them in place while installing armature. Note that drive end of frame is notched to fit drive end cover. Line up positioning notch in the brush holder assembly with terminal insulator. Line up positioning mark on commutator end head with motor terminal. Install thru bolts, tightening to 20-25 in-lbs torque.

Figure 5-30. Using Clamps to Hold Prestolite Brushes in Place

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