Turn handlebar to the left so that top of reservoir is level. Check for leaks. If leaks persist at hydraulic fittings, coat surfaces with Harley-Davidson "Pipe Sealant with Teflon." Bleed brake to purge system of air See "Bleeding Hydraulic System." If after a short period of operation brake feels spongy, repeat bleeding procedure.


If only the caliper assembly is to be removed, it is not necessary to remove the wheel. To remove caliper assembly, proceed as follows: remove socket head screw

(I), locknuts (2), and washers (3). Pull outer caliper half (4) and inner caliper half (5) apart. Remove pressure plate (6) with brake pad (7) attached. Check brake pads for wear, damage and looseness. Replace pads if worn down to indicator groove on bottom of pad. If pads need replacing, drill out rivets (8) with a 9/64 in. drill. Replace pads as a set only. Check to see that pressure plate (6) is flat. If it is at all bowed, replace it. Rivet new pads in place using a hollow rivet set. Before reassembling caliper halves push piston all the way into caliper bore. Also make sure that bushings in torque arm (9) are free of dirt and corrosion.

Do not remove piston from outer caliper half unless there are signs of hydraulic fluid leakage, or if piston is not operating properly.

To remove piston (10) disconnect and plug hydraulic hose

(II). Pull off rubber boot (12). Using two screw drivers, carefully pry piston (10) from caliper bore. If friction ring (13) is damaged remove it from piston and replace it. Remove 0-ring (14) from caliper bore. Remove bleeder valve cap (15) and bleeder valve (16). Clean all parts in solvent and inspect. Replace all parts that are worn or damaged. Inspect cylinder bore. If it is badly scored, replace outer caliper half. At this time check brake disc (17) for wear and damage. Replace brake disc if it is worn to .188 in. or less or if it is badly scored or warped. See "Wheels."


Reassembly is basically the reverse of disassembly with the following exceptions. Make sure all parts are clean and in good condition. Lubricate piston, friction ring, and O-ring with brake fluid. When assembling piston and friction ring assembly to caliper half and O ring assembly, make sure piston is square with the bore. Tap it in place with a soft hammer while rotating it so that O-ring is not damaged. When assembling boot make sure both lips engage their respective grooves.

Make sure bosses on torque arm are clean and free from corrosion before mounting caliper. When mounting caliper halves, tighten socket head bolts to 130in-lbstorque. Make sure caliper floats freely on torque arm.

Torque five brake disc mounting screws (18) to 10 ft-lbs torque.

Connect hydraulic line (11) to caliper. Fill front brake master cylinder with approved D.O.T. 5 hydraulic fluid. Check system for leaks and seal with Harley-Davidson "Pipe Sealant with Teflon," Part No. 99630-77 if necessary. Bleed brake to purge system of air. See "Bleeding Hydraulic System."

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