If the lower bushing is driven into the fork slider farther than specified, it will contact the bottom of the counterbore at lower end of fork bushing and bushing may be collapsed to the extent that it cannot be finish reamed.

When installing upper fork slider bushing, follow the same procedure used to install lower fork slider bushing. The upper fork slider bushing is driven into the fork slider the correct depth when the lower groove on the bushing driver is aligned with the top edge of the bushing guide.

Figure 2-45 shows reamer with long pilot attached as required for reaming upper bushings to finish size. The long pilot is of correct size to fit into the unfinished lower bushing and guide the reamer through the upper bushing.

CAUTION — Do not drop cutting edges of the reamer into bushing.

Figure 2-41. FX Front Fork - 1976 to 1978 -Exploded View

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