Piston assembly must be pressed all the way into the bore when new brake pads have been installed to assure proper clearance when calipers are reassembled to motorcycle.

For best braking efficiency, brake disc on wheel must be parallel with brake pads in caliper assembly. This is achieved by bending bracket (22), which mounts caliper assembly, until it aligns properly with disc.

Insert Alignment Gauge, Part No. 97168-77 into holes in bracket (22). Check to see that all three gauge pins either ^ych or are within 1 /16 in. of surface of brake disc (20). If one">r more pins do not fall within these limits, note which ones and remove gauge. Insert Bending Tool, Part No. 97169-77, into bracket holes. Using tool, bend bracket until all three gauge pins either touch or are within 1 /16 in. of surface of brake disc (20). ,

Install bleeder valve (16). Apply "Anti-Seize" to 4 bolts (1)' before assembly. Assemble caliper unit to fork side. Tighten 4 bolts (1) to 35 ft-lbs torque. Coat threads with Harley-Davidson "Pipe Sealant with Teflon" and connect hydraulic line (9). Assemble hose clamp to front fender or rear fork. Fill master cylinder reservoir with hydraulic brake fluid. Use only D.O.T. 5 hydraulic brake fluid which is approved for use in hydraulic brake systems. On front brake master cylinder fill to gasket surface.

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