Bleed sidecar line first then motorcycle rear wheel.

When bleeding front disc brake, turn handlebars to the right to position bleeder fitting as nearly vertical as possible.

When bleeding rear disc brake, it may be necessary to remove torsion arm to allow brake caliper to be rotated to bring bleeder fitting to a vertical position.

3. Open bleeder nipple by rotating counterclockwise about one-half turn. With master cylinder full of fluid at all times, slowly operate brake repeatedly until fluid flows from bleeder nipple free of air bubbles. Add fluid to master cylinder to bring to original level. Close bleeder nipple and tighten to 35 in-lbs torque. Do not reuse fluid unless it is clear and free from sediment. If it is impossible to bleed all air from system, the master cylinder check valve is faulty and a master cylinder repair kit must be installed.

Figure 2-69. Bleeding Hydraulic Brake System

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