Operating Oil Pressure

Operating oil pressure may be checked as follows:

Fill oil tank to proper level. Disconnect oil pressure switch wire at top of switch and remove switch. Install Oil Pressure Gauge, Part No. 96921-52. Attach gauge bracket to motorcycle and road run or simulate road running until engine is completely warmed. A full operating temperature is essential for accurate gauging. Oil pressure should be 12-35 psi at 2000 rpm with oil at normal operating temperature.

OIL FILTER (Figure 3-1)

The tank is equipped with a large mouth filler opening and a screw cover with oil filter attached.

Oil filter element (3) should be replaced at every oil change. To service filter element, remove cap from oil tank, remove retaining clip (1) and washer (2) and pull out filter. Make certain 0-ring is positioned against filter cup flange |7) when filter is installed in tank.

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