Plastic Foam Type Filter Element

Carburetor air cleaner (1972 and later) is equipped with a plastic foam air filter element which is oil saturated.

Remove air cleaner cover and inspect filter element at least every 1000 miles, or oftener under dusty service conditions. The need for servicing is indicated by the appearance of the outside surface of the filter. Filter should be cleaned and reoiled if a film of dirt has built up covering the surface pores, or if light spots show on the surface which means that dust is drying out the oil. A dirty, dark appearance is normal, as long as pores in the filter remain open and covered with an oil film.

To clean filter, remove it from screen and wash it in a nonflammable petroleum solvent or detergent and water. Allow to dry thoroughly and saturate with same weight oil as recommended for engine crankcase. Apply oil to element liberally working in with hands and fingers until element is uniform in color indicating uniform saturation. After excess oil has drained off, replace element on screen so that three grooves are toward screen, and reinstall in engine.

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