Removing Shifter Cover

Remove transmission from chassis as described in "Stripping Motorcycle for Transmission Repair."

Remove the 12 screws securing shifter cover to gear box. Shifter cover is registered on two dowel pins. Two of the screws are extra long. Notice that the screw in hole nearest the dowel pin on right side of transmission is vented to relieve gear box heat expansion pressure. This screw must be installed in the same hole when assembling shifter cover or transmission oil may be forced out into clutch.


Remove neutral indicator switch (1) and washer (2) from cover. Bend back ear on lockwasher (3) and remove cam follower retainer (4), lockwasher (3), spring (5) and cam follower (6).

Remove camshaft lock screw (7) from left side of shifter cover joint face. Use a suitable drift to tap camshaft (8) from cover. Shifter cam (10) may now be lifted out of cover.

Remove cotter pin (11)from end of shifter shaft. Remove shifter gear (12) and spring (13) from end of shifter shaft. Pull shifter shaft (14) and leather washer (15) out of cover (16).

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