1. Tube cap

2. Fork tube

4. Washer

5. Spring

6. Screw

7. Washer

8. Fork slider


Before installing new fork slider bushings, thoroughly clean slider bore and lubricate with engine oil. Fork bushing driver and guide (2, Figure 2-42) is used to install fork slider bushings. Insert the bushing guide into the fork slider oil seal counterbore and insert the new lower fork slider bushing into the guide. The fork bushing driver has two grooves cut around its outside diameter which are used as depth gauges when driving in the bushings. The groove nearest the top of the driver is the depth gauge for the lower bushing, and the lower groove is the depth gauge for the upper bushing. The lower bushing is driven into the fork slider to the point where the upper groove on the bushing driver aligns with the top edge of the bushing guide.

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