Ignition Coil, double secondary outlet

Spark timing

Breaker points setting 018 in. gap

Spark occurs at 34° to 36° BTC fully advanced

Approx. 5° BTC fully retarded Cylinder variance Not to exceed 3°

Spark plug

Type (1974 and earlier) Harley-Davidson No. 3-4

Type (1975 and later) Harley-Davidson No. 5-6

Harley-Davidson No. 5R6 (Resistor type)

Tightening torque 18-22 ft-lbs



FL/FLH/FXE/FXS Electric, 12 volt

Bendix drive

FX Manual

Rectifier-regulator Voltage control with ambient compensation

Alternator Integral permanent magnet design -

225 watts

Horn Electric vibrating


Headlight (sealed beam)

FL/FLH 50W lower, 60W upper

FX 35W lower, 45W upper

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