Stator Output Voltage

5. Loosen the 5 transmission base mounting nuts. Remove the 4 chain housing to transmission attaching bolts. Remove clutch hub using Clutch Hub Nut Wrench, Part No. 94645-41 and Clutch Hub Puller, Part No. 95960-41 A. Remove shaft key. Remove the 2 inner chain guard stud nuts which attach to starter housing. Remove wire from solenoid. Pull inner chain guard from mainshaft using Puller, Part no. 95960-41 Awhichhas4screwstofittapped holes in chain housing. Remove chain oiler hose at oil pump. Remove other hoses from connections at back of chain housing.

6. Remove sprocket spacer from sprocket shaft. Using Puller, Part No. 95960-52A, pull alternator rotor from sprocket shaft as shown in Figure 5-12.

7. Remove 4 screws securing stator to crankcase. Disconnect wire plug and remove stator from engine.

Figure 5-12. Pulling Alternator Rotor

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