Straightening Fork Stem And Bracket Assemble

Straightening a fork stem and bracket assembly requires a great deal of skill, experience and several tools and fixtures. Special tools necessary include Fork Tube Straightening blocks, Part No. 96246-50, four blocks are needed; Bending Bar, Part No. 96806-40; Fork Stem and Bracket Aligning Gauge, Part No. 96245-51. In addition, the following pieces of bar stock are needed: Two bars, 1 -5/8 in. diameter, about 12 in. long; two bars 1 in. x 4 in. x 12 in. (approximately); assorted pieces of rectangular bar stock to use in transmitting arbor press pressure to unit to be straightened.

To straighten stem and bracket, proceed as follows:

1. Insert the two 1 -5/8 in. x 12 in. bars in fork bracket and secure with two clamping studs. Sometimes the bracket is so badly bent that the bars cannot be inserted. In this case, press the bars into place with an arbor press, then press on the front edge of bracket to correct the "bow" distortion as shown in Figure 2-49.

2. A bracket assembly is usually out of alignment along the horizontal centerline, with one or both legs bent.

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